SAN FIRE – Tritor Fire Fighting Hose

General Features
* Tough, durable and very abrasion resistant
* Resistant to oil, petrol, and fuel
* Resistance to UV and ozone
* Resistance to both contact and radiant heat
* Resistant to alkalies, acids, and liquid chemical
* Very low friction loss and low elongation
* Excellent adhesion between rubber and textile
* Maintenance free, no cleaning and drying required
* Suitable for use with C.A.F.S and foam solutions
* Meet BS 6391 Type 3, DIN 14811, NFPA 1961 standard
* Standard color : Bright red (RAL-3000)
* Service temperature :-40°c up to +100°c

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Deskripsi Produk

Textile Reinforcement
* Warp : high tenacity polyester
* Weft : polyamide; circular woven
* The special weaving design offers a superior adhesion
level and flow performance compared to an all
polyester weave
* Totally embedded in the rubber compound excellent
protected against mechanical damage

Textile Reinforcement
* Special high grade formulated NBR / PVC compound
extruded “through the weave” in a unique one step
production process
* Special additives in the compound guarantee superior
UV and ageing resistance
* Inside : very smooth for minimum friction loss
* Outside : ribbed for good abrasion resistance and
protection against contact heat